Does your dog experience anxiety during a storm?

  • Does he pant or pace during the storm?
  • Does he try to hide or escape?
  • Does he follow you constantly until the storm ends?
  • Do you find him trembling in a corner?
  • Do you find him stairing at the ceiling?
  • Is he digging at the walls, on the floor, behind objects, in blankets or laundry?
  • Is he barking or howling as the storm passes?
  • Des he seem more vigilant that normal?
  • Does he try to escape the home or yard?
  • Is he drooling uncontrollable?
  • Is he standing with a paw lifted in the air?
  • Is his tail tucked?
  • Is he licking his lips a lot?
  • Does he soil the house during thunderstorms?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, your dog is showing signs he is uncomfortable during the storm.  We can help him to feel more comfortable.

I don’t live near you, can you still help me?

YES! The beauty of this program is that we work completely remotely.  With today's technology, we can accomplish so much more than and from anywhere in the world.

What are the steps to get started?

  1. Submit a questionnaire.
  2. Speak with your behavior counselor.
  3. Get started on your journey to help your dog find the calm in the storm.

During your consultation we will go into detail about your dog’s behavior during the storms.  We will gather information and give you the information you need to understand how we can support you thru changing your dog’s feelings about thunderstorms and other noises.