Our Approach

We become a team to help your dog find the calm in the storm.  We begin with an assessment of where your dog is now.  From there, we devise a management strategy and a behavior plan to help change your dog's association with the storms.  Instead of feeling frightened, we want him to associate thunder, lightning, wind, etc. with great things.  Your team should consist of you, other members of the household, your veterinarian, your behavior counselor, and of course, your dog. Each team member plays an integral role in the success of helping your dog find the calm in the storm.

Our Story

Our story began with a little Jack Russell Terrier.  She was deathly afraid of thunderstorms.  She paced, panted, destroyed walls, and trembled at even the slightest hint of a storm.  Through trial and error, and with the help of a few amazing veterinarians we were able to teach her that storms do not have to be all that scary.  Out of this we developed a system that has helped others. To read more about her story, click here.

Meet the Team

TaraTic Headshot

Tara Houser


Tara is the founder of Real Pet Behavior and is a Fear Free Certified Professional.  Her passion is helping fearful dogs learn to find the calm in the storm. She has been in training and behavior since 2010.

Sam's Headshot

Sam Brown

VSA Graduate

Sam mentored under Tara while attending the Victoria Stillwell Academy.  She is a Fear Free Certified Professional and is the head trainer at Real Pet Behavior.

Next Steps...

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